Commercial/Business Litigation

In today’s competitive business environment everyone is trying to protect his or her own interests. Often, the interests of parties to a contract or other business relationship conflict and legal issues arise.  Broken contracts and failure to pay for goods and services can spell doom for a business. As a judge assigned to the commercial litigation section of the Circuit Courts Law Division I presided over these kinds of cases. It is the legal knowledge and experience I gained at this assignment that I offer to you.  An effective legal advisor can mean the difference between commercial success and failure.  If you or your company needs an effective voice in a business dispute, I can help.


I represent clients in all types of business and commercial litigation, including:

·         Breach of contract

·         Shareholder and partnership disputes

·         Joint ventures

·         Trade secrets and unfair competition

·         Non-compete clauses – restrictive covenants on employee contracts

·         Commercial real estate disputes – land development, construction, and lease disputes

I am experienced in commercial litigation and will use all of my knowledge and experience to ensure that you get the results you want. I recognize that some cases are best settled before trial and others are best taken to trial. I will advise you as to the advantages of the different strategies and give you an honest assessment of whether or not you should settle. I am an experienced and certified legal mediator; if settlement is the best option, I will use my extensive mediation experience to bring about a result that meets your needs

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